At the Insurance Service Center we have an unyielding commitment to customer service. Since opening the doors of our office in 1975, ISC has become synonymous with quality products, treating our customers with the utmost care and respect, and a knowledgeable, well-trained staff. All of our agents are ready to help you with your insurance needs, whether its personal or business.

Our Core Values

Our core values exemplify the honesty, integrity and hard-work central to our philosophy and lie as the foundation of the ISC’s success and growth.

  • We believe quality service is essential to the success of our agency. Customer satisfaction is foremost in our consideration. To this end, we portray professionalism, dependability and integrity.
  • We consistently serve our customers with the utmost attention. We are courteous, respectful and understanding while servicing current customers and soliciting new business. We believe superior and unique service attracts and retains customers.
  • We believe that employees who embrace teamwork, share responsibility and support each other help to provide the best service for our customer base. We promote teamwork and initiative.
  • We build strong relationships with our insurance carriers’ underwriting departments in order to effectively meet our customers’ needs. We stay informed of company procedures and changes within the insurance industry.

Our main office, conveniently located on Raeford Road near The All-American Expressway, allows us to service many families and businesses in the Fayetteville area. We’re always happy to help new customers! Simply fill out the form below to contact our Fayetteville office, or call us directly at (910) 323-3045. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Main Office

3820 Raeford Road
Fayetteville, NC 28304
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(910) 323-3045 [office]
(800) 259-8727 [toll free](910) 323-3796 [fax]

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JOHNL 000John L. Canady
(910) 401-9199 [direct]
(910) 401-9198 [fax]
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DAVIDC 000David B.Canady, CIC
Vice President
(910) 401-9200 [direct]
(910) 401-9201 [fax]
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milani J. Milani Richards,

Operations Manager
(910) 401-9180 [direct]
(910) 401-9181 [fax]
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comingsoonAngela Garcia
Executive Assistant
(910) 401-9170 [direct]
(910) 401-9171 [fax]
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brendacashwellBrenda Cashwell
(910) 401-9220 [direct]
(910) 401-9221 [fax]
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heather2Heather Barris
(910) 323-3045 [direct]
(910) 323-3796 [fax]
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comingsoonLisa Barefoot
Personal Account Executive
(910) 323-3045 [office]
(910) 401-9204 [direct]
(910) 401-9205 [eFax]
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comingsoonLiza Ratley
Personal Account Executive
(910) 401- 9213 [direct]
(910) 401- 9214 [fax]
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janetinman 2013Janet Inman
Personal Account Executive
(910) 401-9238 [direct]
(910) 401-9239 [fax]
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katietrahan 2013Katie Trahan
Personal Account Executive
(910) 401-9177 [direct]
(910) 401-9178 [fax]
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lizwinn 2013Liz Winn
Personal Account Executive
(910) 401-9193 [direct]
(910) 401-9194 [fax]
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deborahmorgan 2013Deborah Morgan
Personal Account Executive
(910) 401-9235 [office]
(910) 401-9172 [fax]
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comingsoonRebecca Pitts
Personal Account Executive
(910) 401-9165 [direct]
(910) 401-9165 [fax]
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Kim Cesco
Personal Account Executive
(910) 401-9248 [direct]
(910) 401-9249 [fax]
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Tanya Honeycutt, CIC, CISR,
Personal Account Executive
(910) 401-9248 [direct]
(910) 401-9249 [fax]
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comingsoonSharon O’Quinn
Commercial Account Executive
(910) 401-9188 [direct]
(910) 401-9187 [fax]
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Commercial Lines Admin
(910) 401-9197 [direct]
(910) 401-9196 [fax]
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sheila 01292013Sheila Redd, CWCS
Commercial Account Executive
(910) 401-9202 [direct]
(910) 401-9203 [fax]
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amybass 2013Amy Bass
Commercial Account Executive
(910) 401-9242 [direct]
(910) 401-9243 [fax]
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StephanieFoley 000Stephanie Foley, CISR
Marketing Agent
(910) 401-9191 [direct]
(910) 401-9192 [fax]
(910) 977-7109 [mobile]
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amandarayAmanda Ray, CISR
Marketing Agent
(910) 401-9206 [direct]
(910) 401-9207 [fax]
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MALCOMFIELDS 000Malcolm Fields
(910) 401-9218 [direct]
(910) 323-3796 [fax]
(910) 818-0186 [mobile]
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MCALLIASTER 000John McAllister
(910) 401-9224 [direct]
(910) 323-3796 [fax]
(910) 286-7802 [mobile]
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comingsoonTrey Smith, CLCS
(910) 364-8227 [mobile]
(910) 323-3796 [fax]
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boydeBoyde Bristow
Financial Services Specialist
(910) 990-2353 [direct]
(910) 323-3796 [fax]
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markhenryMark Henry
Financial Services Specialist
(910) 237-1187 [mobile]
(910) 323-3796 [fax]
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