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One of the biggest investments that a person can make is to buy a house. In 2018, as the housing market continues to see new and existing home prices rise, this has never been more true. Since buying a home comes with such a huge price tag, it would be very wise to find the best and most comprehensive homeowners insurance that the market provides.

Unfortunately, searching for homeowners insurance is not always easy. Many homeowners have found themselves with homeowners insurance that was less comprehensive than what they thought it would be. Most of the time, homeowners do not realize just what is in their homeowners insurance coverage until disaster strikes and they have to pay a higher deductible than they were expecting.

Insurance Service Center works with more than ten of the best home insurance companies to find you the exact homeowners coverage that you need. We take our mission of providing you with the best insurance coverage seriously, and our insurance professionals won’t stop until you have the insurance coverage you need.

When looking for home insurance this year, there are certain variables to keep in mind. Consider where your home is located. If you are near water or in a known flood zone, your insurance may go up, and you may be required to purchase separate flood insurance for your home as well. The further away that you live from emergency services, like a fire station, the higher your rate may be. If you have purchased an existing home, make sure that the seller gives you a copy of the claims history report of the home. This report will detail any previous damage to the home that could raise your insurance costs. Take advantage of the many discounts available to homeowners. These include discounts on home security systems, fire extinguishers, mature owner discounts, and more.

Insurance Service Center considers all of these variables when finding you the best home insurance for you. We have had the pleasure of providing homeowners insurance to over 15,000 residents. We shop around to get you the coverage you want. Are you looking for home insurance in 2018? Call Insurance Service Center today or visit us at one of our eight North Carolina locations in Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Apex, Clinton, Lumberton, Sanford and Lillington.

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