longtermLong term care is for when you cannot take care of yourself for an extended period of time. This care can come from a number of sources such as an adult day care center, assisted living facility, community care, home care, hospice care facility, hospital long term care unit, or nursing home.

Long term care insurance enables you to transfer some of the financial risk of long term care costs to an insurance company so that you may protect your accumulated wealth from this potentially devastating expense. What are the chances of needing Long Term Care?

• More than 50% of the U.S. population will need some form of long term care during their lives. (Americans for Long Term Care Security, 2002)

• 60% of all Americans age 65 and over will require care in a convalescent/nursing facility sometime during their lifetime. (Congressional Report, 6-01)

• 43% of all long term care claims are for individuals under age 65. (National Underwriter, January, 2001)

Families trust the Insurance Service Center for their long term care insurance protection Get a long term care insurance quote today and don’t forget to ask us how you might receive Long Term Care Insurance at a substantially reduced rate using the power of multi-policy discounts!**

** Claim based on ‘multi-policy’ discount provided on Personal and/or Business Insurance policies placed with Auto Owners Insurance Company if a valid Long Term Care Auto Owners Life Insurance Company policy is issued. For example, Jane is a 55 Year Old, Non-Smoker. If we insure Jane’s Cars, Home & Umbrella w/ Auto Owners Insurance Company at a total policy premium of $3,500, Jane could receive a 5% discount on her Auto, Home & Umbrella Insurance with a qualifying Auto Owners Life Insurance Company Long Term Care Insurance Policy. With that $175.00 [that’s 5% of $3,500], Jane reduces her Long Term Care Insurance Policy premium by 15%! See Agent for Details