Under the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) law, employers must make every effort to provide a safe workplace for their staff. Employees have a right to work in an environment free from serious hazards. Employers must adhere to certain standards and regulations set by the OSH Act to prevent potential accidents. From using color codes, labels or signs to indicate any potential dangers, to making sure employees have and are using the right tools and equipment and that they actively maintain this equipment, employers must be prepared to keep their workplace safe.

Unfortunately, life happens and so do accidents. So, it’s important for employers to protect themselves and their employees by having insurance to protect against any potential workplace accidents. A workers’ compensation policy can replace wages and provide employees with necessary medical benefits if they receive injuries while on the job.

If one of your employees becomes injured on the job, there are certain steps they must follow to receive worker’s compensation benefits and you should be ready to assist them.

Seek medical attention. A health care provider may be available on the work site or as a designated off-site health care provider. Otherwise employees should see medical care appropriate to their injuries from a family doctor or a hospital emergency room.
Employees should inform their healthcare provider that their injuries were received while at work. This allows the health care provider to bill their service as a worker’s compensation claim.
Employees should verbally inform the appropriate management of their injuries as soon as possible.
Employees should give written notice of the injuries sustained while on the job with a description of the incident that led to the injuries as well as a description of the injuries.
Employees should follow the instructions of their medical health care provider. The goal of the workers’ compensation system in North Carolina is to ensure that workers receive the health care to restore them as closely as possible to the health and ability to work that they had prior to the injury.

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