We have all seen the commercials. The surprised look on the face of a person on Christmas morning as they look out the window or walk out the door of their home to see a brand new vehicle with a big red bow on it sitting in the driveway. Every year for some Americans, that commercial becomes a reality. In the real world, however, once the joyous screaming stops and the tears of happiness have been dried, reality sets in that this brand new vehicle has to be insured.

Choosing an auto insurance provider can be overwhelming. It is sad but true, many people have paid more than they needed to for auto insurance, simply because they did not know any better when policy options were being explained to them from multiple different companies. In the end, they tend to go with the company that costs them the least in a monthly or long term payment. Sometimes though, the least expensive insurance bill can cost them thousands of dollars later on in deductibles if something happens to the vehicle.

Insurance Service Center wants to save you money by finding the right auto insurance policy for you. With over 7500 North Carolinians insured by Insurance Service Center, we work with multiple auto insurance companies to find the car insurance you need. We offer several discounts, including multi-policy discounts, Good Driver discounts, multi-car discounts, Good Student discounts, anti-theft discounts, accident free discounts and more!

Who knows? Maybe this is the year that you are the recipient of the brand new car with the big red bow on it. Start the new year off right by finding the best auto insurance policy for you with the help of the expert team at Insurance Service Center.

Even if you wake up on Christmas morning to your current vehicle, it is a great idea to start the new year by reviewing your current policy to see if there are ways you could be saving money on your auto insurance. The best way to find out is to look at several different companies and their policies. Insurance Service Center can do that for you!

We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season! When you are ready to talk auto insurance, give us a call at 1-800-259-8727!

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