It is always nice when the colder weather of winter leaves, and the warmer temperatures usher in spring and summer in the Carolinas. Unfortunately, the beginning of June every year also brings with it the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, which typically runs through November each year. Every year we tend to see at least one summer storm event that can create havoc on our region through flooding, auto damage and home damage. Insurance Service Center wants to share some tips with homeowners on how to prepare for any tropical storms or hurricanes that may come our way.

Stock up on the essentials. It’s almost a given that if severe weather comes our way, the power is going to go out for some length of time. Having enough flashlights and batteries on hand will alleviate some stress. If you can make the investment, a backup generator is even better. Making sure that you have enough food that does not require refrigeration is key during these times. Fresh fruit, peanut butter, cracker and chips are just some suggestions. Beware though! We have seen it happen enough times to be confident in telling you that once news of an impending storm gets out, bread and milk will fly off of grocery store shelves.

Water. Don’t forget the water. Grab cases of bottled water for drinking. Before the storm arrives, fill your bathtubs full of water for cleaning, bathing and flushing the toilet. It would be a great idea to thoroughly wash your bathtub before you fill it.

“Batten down the hatches!” You may have heard this saying before. It is an old sailors expression used to describe preparing parts of the ship for rough weather. In this case, we are talking about preparing your building structure for severe weather. Look around your property. Are there any trees with dead limbs or branches that need to be removed? Remove them before stormy weather. If a hurricane is headed our way, placing plywood over your windows is a good idea. Designate a safe room in your home, preferably as close to the middle of the lowest level as possible. Place your most valuable possessions in the room, along with a small mattress or heavy blankets to protect you and your family in the case of a tornado, and some food and water. This could be an oversized closet or a bathroom in the middle of your home.

Our staff at Insurance Service Center agrees that the best tip that we can give homeowners when it comes to dangerous weather is to make sure that you are covered with home insurance. While we cannot possibly predict when severe weather will hit, or how much damage it will do, we can tell you that having home insurance will make the recovery process much easier. Insurance Service Center is proud to provide homeowners insurance to over 10,000 clients. If you are in need of home insurance before the hurricane season begins, give us a call at 1-800-259-8727 today or stop in and see us at one of our Insurance Service Center locations in Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, Lumberton, Sanford, Apex, Clinton and Lillington.

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